BMW Modifications in Santa Clara, California

When Change is Good

What’s Your Vision?

You’re a BMW enthusiast, so chances are if you’re considering something other than stock, you have a particular vision in mind. At Silicon Valley Bimmer in Santa Clara, California, we understand that. We’re so passionate about the brand that we’ve built an entire business around the mechanical workings of BMW. Dealership technicians founded us. Additionally, dealer-trained, factory-certified BMW specialists staff us. What’s more, we’re dedicated to an experience personal to you and your vehicle, so tell us exactly what you want. When you’re ready for BMW modifications, bring your automobile to your shop at 1150 Norman Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95054, US (close to US 101 and the Montague Expressway). You can make your appointment using our online scheduling feature or call us at 408-496-5800. We look forward to helping you make the changes you want to see (and drive) in your car.