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European performance autos require special drivers, as well as special service technicians! Silicon Valley Bimmer is the shop where you’ll find top-notch repairs and maintenance service. Our specialists are dedicated to servicing all models of BMW, all with a variety of purposes and driving habits. Whether your vehicle is on a race track pushing its engine to the limit or you have a routine daily commute, Silicon Valley Bimmer should be your go-to service destination. We’re your local BMW auto service experts. Performance vehicles like yours are susceptible to a variety of engine, mechanical, and electrical system repairs.

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Preventative Maintenance Services--Preserve Your Engine

Our specialists are trained to bring out the best in your BMW's performance. Reach the vehicle speeds that you need to reach with our superior engine diagnostic services. Many of the best performance autos are engineered and manufactured in Europe. Local owners and drivers of BMW's have a better option--Sample Shop--than returning to the expensive dealerships. Receive the highest level of expertise with a higher standard of customer service. You’ve been looking for a BMW performance shop to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Protect your BMW's engine with thorough inspections and a routine maintenance schedule. With expertly-trained eyes and hands providing your auto services, your vehicle will stay ahead of costly repairs and breakdowns. Come see us first! We’ll make sure our repair and maintenance services keep you moving in the right direction. And out of our service bay.

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Protect your high performance vehicle by letting us provide routine inspections and diagnoses. Our top-notch maintenance services help you avoid performance issues and extend road-life. We use the industry’s latest technologies and service techniques to keep your BMW in tip-top shape. We’ll handle it all from bumper-to-bumper, making sure you experience top-of-the-line engine performance and longevity. Give us a call today at (444) 111-1111 to schedule an appointment for your BMW.

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